W.E.S.T. Drilling's experienced and highly trained professionals are dedicated to providing you with dependable and cost-effective geotechnical and environmental drilling services in both Texas and Oklahoma.

Founded in 1997, W.E.S.T. Drilling offers solutions to your drilling needs through its licensed and reliable team. Our high level of productivity and modern, well maintained equipment and tooling provide you with the utmost quality in service.

We offer high-quality drilling by utilizing the newest technologies available. We currently own and operate one Geoprobe 6610 DT and three CME 75 high torque drill rigs with auto hammer, hollow stem auger, and air and wash rotary capabilities.

We also offer Hydro Vac (Potholing) services with either water or air media and concrete saw cutting.

W.E.S.T. Drilling participates in e-RAILSAFE and eVerifile.  e-RAILSAFE is a Workforce Safety and Security Management program for Class 1 Railroads and the businesses that serve them.  eVerifile is the government standard in contractor screening for the railroad industry. 

W.E.S.T. Drilling is registered with ISNetworld and several drilling personnel have completed the SafeLand USA safety training.

W.E.S.T. Drilling is TXDOT Pre-Certified for Soil Exploration Services (Category 14.1.1).

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Serving Texas and Oklahoma

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Serving: Texas and Oklahoma
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